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New Album Living With Ghosts out September 6th!

Blog #6 - Happy Birthday Louisiana Summer! Plus New Album announcement!

Well, yesterday was Labor Day which means it has been an entire year since the release of Louisiana Summer. I have officially launched my Merch Store through my friends at Mule Town Shirt Company. You can pick up my new t-shirt there along with a copy of Louisiana Summer. 

It's been a rough year for my home state of Louisiana. From unfair killings to floods destroying my old city, things haven't been pleasant out there. While Louisianians are some of the most resilient and caring people I know, there is still much need due to the flooding. I have seen many flood relief benefits in Nashville and I'm proud to have been a part of one recently. I am also working on some really cool things to help benefit Louisiana Flood victims with one of my song co-writing friends Van Wild! More on that later, but safe to say I am beyond excited. If you haven't heard of Van Wild, do yourself a favor and check her out! I've posted a video of hers at the bottom of this blog.

Finally, I have briefly announced that I will be going back into the studio in November with some of my favorite Nashville session musicians. I will be shortly launching a Kickstarter to help fund the album and get it out to the masses. This year I have written over 40 songs and I'm working hard to whittle it down to an album's worth of material - it's harder than you'd think! There will be much more on my upcoming studio time and album! Stay tuned!