Will Payne Harrison

New Album Living With Ghosts out September 6th!

Album is announced! Pre-Orders Available. Official video on the way!

I am so excited to announce the title and artwork for my new album. East Nashville Blues has been a pleasure to work on and I wanted to take the time to properly thank everyone that has been involved in the process so far! First off, my co-writers Michelle Lorge, Melanie Bresnan and Luke Andrus. Three of the tracks on the new album wouldn't have been possible without their help. To the studio crew: Austin and Breck at Magnolia Sons Studio, Peter Jacobs at Blackdog Recording, my band: Caleb Edwards, Melanie Bresnan, Kasey Armstrong, Kyle Edmonston, Gavin O'Broin, Ethan Levin, and Fawn Larson. My photographer: Jeromy Reaux. My designer: Jason Bienvenu (who has a Kickstarter for his comic book you can view HERE). My Louisiana Management: Britlyn Delahoussaye who's been killing it with helping me get the ground work down there to everyone. And finally: To my video team for my first official music video for "Southwind" which Matt Tidwell, Lenny Burnett and Michelle Lorge killed it on!

I'm so excited about all of the new material that will be coming your way over the next year. I really want to thank anyone reading this for your support and interest in what I'm doing. 

Pre-Orders launch Monday February 6th with all sorts of cool incentives to get the album before anyone else! 

For now, I'll leave you with this cool live video I did with Michelle Lorge that was shot by Matt Tidwell at the Parthenon here in Nashville, TN.