Will Payne Harrison

New Album Living With Ghosts out September 6th!

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"Harrison follows in the footsteps of his heroes, telling stories that can make you smile right before they make you cry. Willie Nelson and John Prine would be proud." - Mother Church Pew, Nashville, TN

Living With Ghosts is an engaging dispatch, a shaken mixture of Bayou and Nashville influences settling in a solution of 100-proof small-town America.” - City Beat Cincinnati, Cincinnati, OH

“His new single “Jacqueline” is a catchy fusion of Roots and Americana and rockabilly that will inspire you to explore more of Will Payne Harrison’s catalog!” Meet-Country.com

“It is often said that to move forward, you must remember where you came from. Louisiana native, Nashville living singer/songwriter Will Payne Harrison highlights the best of both worlds on his album Living With Ghosts ProCountryMusic.com

“Harrison’s rich, dulcet voice imbues the lyrics with affluent velvety textures rife with nostalgia and emotional relief.” - Rawckus Magazine

The Bluegrass Situation Premiere of Will Payne Harrison’s Single “Anne Marie”

Ditty TV Premieres Will Payne Harrison’s music video for “Jacqueline”

Everyone knows that Louisiana is a great melting pot of music, food and Southern culture. Will Payne Harrison simmered in that pot for most of his life, soaking in influences of Traditional Cajun, Louisiana Blues, Swamp Pop, New Orleans Brass Bands and Zydeco. Even after departing Louisiana for Nashville to start his own solo career, he has kept in touch with his Louisiana Roots making his own unique blend of Americana and Roots music. On East Nashville Blues, Will Payne Harrison dove deeper into Bluegrass, Country and Singer-Songwriter genres, using a cast of top-notch Nashville musicians. With his newest album, Living With Ghosts, Harrison went back to his roots, bringing in the Crème de la crème of Louisiana musicians featuring The Rayo Brothers members (Jesse Reaux, Lance Kelehan and Jordan Ardoin) along with lead guitarist Jim McGee and even some harmonica from Fawn Larson. Slated to be out in late Summer/early Fall, Living With Ghosts will encompass the perfect blend of Will Payne Harrison’s Louisiana/Nashville sound.